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Choosing your pole - which one suits my space...?

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You know what? A pole is a big investment. You want it to universally be able to handle any moves you throw at it, and you want it to see you through from beginners to pro and everywhere in between. 

The reason X-POLE dance poles have become so popular is because they are designed for people that rent, people who rent tend to move relatively regularly right? Therefore X-POLEs have been designed so you don't NEED permanent ceiling fixings. However this does rely on you looking at your set up carefully before you buy & working out which pole is going to suit your space. 

When choosing your pole it is pretty critical that you look at your floor & ceiling. This means 1. measuring your ceiling, 2. checking for joists in your ceiling, but also 3. checking your floor. If your floor or ceiling have too much flex, then you may need to look at either a permanent mount for your ceiling (sold separately) or considering an X-stage which is a free-standing pole in a large circular 'podium style' base. Technically you can use standard pressure mounted poles on any floor surface thanks to our unique articulating base design, but on plush surfaces, you will need to re-tighten to get sufficient pressure. 

Traditional X-PERT poles and Sports poles are designed to remain in place using the pressure between the floor & ceiling. Contrary to what you may have heard - X-POLEs don't use suction - the silicone is baked onto the dome to ensure a certain amount of grip, but primarily to avoid damage to your plaster. 

One thing to note: our poles aren't magic - they do need a certain degree of rigidity in your structure to stay in place with no permanent fixings. The domes are designed with a unique T-Lock bearing system that will withstand vertical and horizontal pressures & loads, so if done up according to the instructions then your pole will be safe for inverted moves & spins as you progress. 

If your ceiling is above 3.4m we would recommend you look at purchasing an X-Stage or using fixed / permanent mounts. This is due to the amount of flex you get in your pole length when using it. The thinner the pole / the taller the pole, the more flex you'll get. Poles need to be have some degree of flex to handle the force of moves & momentum. Too much flex and you are better to look at fixings for your pole, and not relying on the pressure to keep your pole in place. 

Invariably unless you have built your own home there will always be a certain amount of guess work going into surveying your pole space. As a general rule for floors: concrete is awesome, tiles fine, carpet look at regular re-tightening & any floor boards asses for flex.  With ceilings: crumbly popcorn ceilings not recommended only use at your own discretion, new plaster check for solid joists or beams, old plaster check for movement in the batons & joists, and anything higher than 3.2m consider going for a permanent ball mount (requires 4 screws), or purchasing an X-Stage. 

If you move house over time and your ceiling heights change, don't worry as we have a range of height extensions that can be used to make your floor to ceiling pole longer, or your X-Stage pole shorter. 

Please note that removable poles are designed primarily for home use, as we have a huge range of other poles for Competitions, Events and Studios (commercial grade). If you are unsure about your space, its always good to call us for advice. 

With X-POLE you can be sure that your pole will last the distance. Taking the time to look at your space before buying will ensure that the pole you buy is a pole that you can use almost anywhere you travel to in the future. X-POLE anywhere, anytime!

For information on which width to choose click here.
For more information on which finish you should choose click here
To look at our height chart click here
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